Personal Loan: Learn how to apply

Unforeseen events happen all the time. A car that breaks down, a drop in business profits, unexpected layoffs are just some of the situations that can disrupt a person’s financial health. The good news? It is possible to reverse this problematic situation using credit lines available on the market.

One of these options is the Agree Bank personal loan, which has interest rates and total effective cost (CET) – charges and expenses that affect credit operations – lower than those of conventional banks. Without too many restrictions, it is usually enough to just be over 18 and be a bank account holder.


Agree Bank loan modalities

personal loan modalities

The bank offers some types of personal loans to customers, the most well-known of which are for individuals, retirees and pensioners and university students. Check out the peculiarities of each one.

Individual Loan: ideal for covering unexpected expenses, starting a business or project, traveling or paying off debts. The main characteristics stand out:

  • Installments starting at $ 20;
  • 60 days to pay the first installment;
  • Accessible to account holders over 18;
  • Installments within 48 months with automatic checking account discount;
  • IOF added and diluted in the value of the installments;
  • Optional adhesion to the Financial Protection Insurance, in case of death or permanent disability.

Payroll: the credit is indicated for Social Security retirees and pensioners, public servants and employees of private companies. The main advantages include:

  • Lower interest rates (from 1.26% per month or according to the agreement);
  • Installment terms of 72 months (Social Security), 96 months (civil servant), 48 months (private employee).
  • Agility in release;
  • Easy contracting option – Internet Banking, ATMs, physical branch, Agree Bank application,
  • Installments deducted from payroll or benefit.

University: the modality is ideal for students who are attending university and who need help to pay for college. Service features include:

  • Offer valid for students from partner institutions;
  • Financing up to 100% of the semester value;
  • Installments within 12 months;
  • Students under 18, the request is made on behalf of the legal guardian;
  • Payment of installments with debit in current account.

To find out if your institution is included in the modality, click here and do the simulation.

Agree Bank also offers as offers: real estate credit, vehicle financing, installment credit, CDC construction material, 13% advance, among others. To learn more, check out the complete list.


How to make a personal loan at Agree Bank?

The first step is to have an active checking account at the bank. Thus, the credit release process happens quickly and almost immediately. In addition to the physical agency, there are other ways for the user to make the request: via Internet Banking (Online Personal Credit with a limit of up to $ 1,000) or ATM (for these cases, it is necessary to have released a pre -approved limit).

Often the offer may not be adequate to the client’s needs, being below the expected value. Therefore, the suggestion is to look for the manager of the agency where the account was opened, carrying the following documents: proof of income from the last three months and copy of the last individual income tax return with delivery receipt.


Who doesn’t have a Agree Bank current account, can you apply?

bank loan

In some cases, no. Anyone who is not yet an account holder will have to open a financial account to have a pre-approved personal loan limit. To do this, just go to the nearest branch with the RG, CPF, proof of address, proof of income for the last three months, in addition to the last income tax return along with the delivery receipt.

Remembering that the rule applies to the personal loan option. For other services, such as retirees and pensioners and university students, non-account holders can participate.


  • Flexible installment according to the modality, and in some cases, with the possibility of choosing the date of payment of the first installment by the client;
  • Fast cash for account holders, with immediate deposit in the checking account. Non-account holders must wait a longer period, due to credit analysis;
  • Debit into account automatically the amount of the installments;.

Negative points

  • Bureaucracy for those who are not customers and need quick approval;
  • Online loan limit is $ 1,000 in self-service channels. Amounts above that, only at the account’s home agency;
  • Account debit function can generate debts if, on the day of collection, the payment balance is insufficient. In some cases, rebates occur on overdraft, a credit line considered the second most expensive in the country, behind only the revolving credit card.

The personal loan can be an excellent help to anyone who needs quick cash for emergency situations or who require a considerable amount in a short time.

However, it is essential that the applicant, first of all, be aware of the implications regarding the contracts, especially with regard to the payment date of installments and interest rates.