Partner loan – financing with a second borrower

What is a partner loan?

What is a partner loan?

For many people and households who are looking for a loan and have no chance of a guarantee at traditional banks and financial institutions, online credit plays an important role as an alternative. But even with such an online loan, it can quickly happen that the desired loan contract exceeds the framework conditions that an online loan provider demands when checking collateral and having sufficient creditworthiness.

Apply for partner credit – Differences to bank financing

Apply for partner credit - Differences to bank financing

When applying for a partner loan, depending on the lender, two instead of usually one debtor can be entered. The basic requirement for two people to be able to take out a partner loan is to live together in the same household. The partners do not have to be married, but the lender must recognize that both people are responsible for the everyday household costs. If this is the case, depending on the financial situation of the two people involved, the project may become more likely, since two people with their individual capital and earnings are now involved in the review of secured financing.

If you want to complete your financing as a partner loan, you usually get the chance of a higher loan amount than if the request had been made by just one person. The partner loan also has advantages for the lender, since the financing of the loan project is divided between two people, which should greatly increase the securing of the loan amount in the eyes of the creditor. So if you are looking for an online loan on the Internet and want to benefit from conditions that you can no longer get from traditional local banks, you should be able to benefit even more from a partner loan.

“How can I improve my credit rating?”

If your own financial situation drives up loan interest rates, some loan providers offer the option of a partner loan. You can expect better credit terms with the help of a second applicant. Even if a loan has been rejected , there are still opportunities with a partner loan . The following table shows current providers of partner loans: